So SIMPLE !!!!

Its a well thought-viz-imposed fact that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus (May be the hidden fact was that their sin were keep on getting exported to EARTH). Anyways I m not here to ignite the debate of origin of abundant species – often termed as human. I cann’t dare either to contradict the GENESIS, nor the baseline of GENETIC ENGINEERING. So, what I am here for ?Well I am just doing unethical and daring act to explore a man’s psychology verses a Woman’s philosophy.

Incidentally and eventually , a man in a woman’s world sometimes becomes a victim of their laugh or cause of their tears while on the contrary a women is always a matter of fantasy for a man (until she is his wife… even girl friend also fantasize – well…sometimes).
A Man’s psychology is pretty SIMPLE, they can define a woman with just one word… FANTASY …. but in the book of a woman, a man is … who she can depend upon , a emotional backup , a man of substance, a hero of her dream, a dependable factor for rest of the life, a psychological counterpart , her emotional complementary counterpart … so on and so forth…
Its really unfair to crude species (man) as usually Venus natives has ONE mars macho to shower all their tankful of emotions, while a man is a broad minded creature.. at one point of time he try to distribute his VIEW to as many women as feasible… So justifiable… So practical… So SIMPLE …

Few days back I read somewhere that a man is usually found in only three states of mind HUNGRY, THIRSTY or HORNY.. quite SIMPLE !! Well don’t think of various flavour , cuisines, ambiance, color or variety associated with any HUNGER-IN-DINNER. Those things are counted when we shift our focus to woman. Even her hunger is by and large sub categorized as … moderate, dieting, fasting, intimate, romantic, soulful, authentic ……..(sometimes even the dress of the waiter is enough to regulate her HUNGER in the restaurant)

Even the most complex task of worldly affair … Handling a relation.. is SIMPLE(R) for a man in context. The basic fact making them confident is ‘She is there’ and the last fact which answers all their worry is ‘She is there’. Huh… SIMPLE !!! Women tend to make a long journey between these facts. ‘He is there’ … on What if .. if tomorrow he is not there… OK i agree he is there, but does that mean he is here ONLY for me… yeah i believe on him but then will i be able to see him if I close my eyes… will I be able to feel the touch if he is distant apart from me.. yeah why not.. after all… ‘He is there’. So, women usually ends the journey from where she start and this circular motion drives her and circumference defines her.

…. and the battle of COMPLEX-ING the SIMPLE things (DARE act by WOMAN) and SIMPLIFYING the COMPLEX things (RARE act by MAN) goes on… and a MAN and a WOMAN lived happily(adventurously) ever after…

**Disclaimer : Research done on limited sample of spices available ranging from father, brother, cousin, flames. In Women’s section tried exploring in nearest available creature of friends and colleagues only.


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