When the friend came home..

It quite some time when I last saw my parent laughed out their heart.. I swear the past few months been really bad to them … and the effect is still there pretty much visible in all their expression, all their decisions and all their attitudes. I am not that bad a child who never bother how to switch parents mood when are in real bad shape.. I tried… and I failed.

Then that friend of my dad planned to come to our temporal, scattered, unorganized flat where I was putting up with my parents. Though, I never had any equation with him , still I was happy that he will start digging the deep secrets from my parents heart.. he might will tinkle the wound they have and might in due course of discussion , illustrations and narrations my parents will unload their sorrow…. I was silently thankful to his presence , as I was considering him our maseeha to do what I couldn’t. After all he had the advantage of not having any generation gap. Whatever it was, I just want him to play the God for one day of his visit !!

He was welcomed with a big smile from my parents.. I was keeping the finger cross that this smile should stick on their face till that ‘Friend’ is here… not ‘just’ smile but the ‘originality’ in the smile. My mother offered him sweet lime juice and dad took a seat next to him, silently put his hand over his friend’s shoulder and said softly .. “Good that you come today”.. again there that spark in my fathers eyes which I instantly added in my wish list. Things have already started falling in place.. he had started playing maseeha. Now I was eagerly waiting the discussion about recent past experience of my parents to start. I want my parents to vomit. I want that maseeha to provoke my parents to vomit. No.. I haven’t got any signals from him doing that.

Dinner was prepared and served by my mother with great dedication… exchange of information of kids, his wife, his current training sessions, weather conditions at his home town all were being asked and discussed at length. He in turn grab all the info about my fathers post retiral plans, possible trips within and outside India, mothers increasing skillness in preparing birayani … but when the hell he will ask my parents SADNESS??

Anyways, he was tired and we all headed for sleep..I was hoping the next day for him play the GOD … mother was over enthusiastic about all the preparations of delicacies she can offer him in a span of a day.. Dad seems like finding his long lost buddy… who else discuss with him about the changing communism of west bengal.. what a great political leader was Jyoti Basu.. how nicely he can offend Sonia Gandhi without uttering any harsh word… what golden time it was to have political leaders like Sarvapalli Radhakrishan when John Keneddy hold umbrella to him… what a marvelous speech it was by B.C roy… and that fellow .. [I really don’t remember those historical details] .. when he gave speech in IIT in Hindi and English without having any script and exact translations in both the languages.

He discussed everything from polical scenario, to perspective europe trip to handi chicken preparation to rising real state prices to those good old days they spend together… but not what i wanted…

then he left..

I was disappointed…

but.. when he left, my wish list items were still happening.. that spark and bending of lips which we call ‘smile’ was still there….

ohh.. he played what i wanted him to play.. he did what he can…. he made my parents realize he is still there to love them, adore them…. he is still there to tell what more life can offer… he boosted that lost confidence by showing them the flashback of their life…. he made my father realize what a great man he has been throughout his life.. and let my mom know what a amazing cook she is.. I am still not sure what he did was a effort from him or its the fact of him being there and conversation thread originated from him did that magic.. but one thing i know by now…

Its not always necessary to dig the problem to get the solution, sometimes just forgetting the problem is itself the solution


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