Celebration means what?

Happy Women Day !! errr.. oops Happy International Women Day!!

So, we are today celebrating the Womanhood , their power, accomplishment, struggle – internationally .. There are many who proactively celebrates Womens day .. that includes :

  1. Leading newspaper featuring column of leading ladies to gain sale per copies
  2. magazines getting a reason for featuring women on cover page
  3. Brand shops yearning for excuse to dispatch off season sales
  4. vegetable shops giving discount of 1 to 5 rupees in per kg’s of vegetables ….

If you closely observe the women covered by a leading news paper asking them to write article/blog… all of those womens have been picked strategically who possess a fair share in page 3.. or have that quotient which connect them with kitty party women to boardroom guys.. there was a article by Amrita Rao … ohh yeah i forgot her accomplishment in multistarrer VIVAH and hep look in “My name is anthony.. or whatever”.. and Vandana Luthra who says to show intelligence you need to beautiful(sorry if that was a underplayed and sophisticated VLCC advertisement).. Shobha Dey suggest all women needs to play the monopoly of having a womb (surely Shobha… we expect that from you..)

My cell is flooded with sms-es wishing women day…

To all males who send the wishes I’ll ask : whats the fun of cleaning the rug or the carpet by hiding all the dust beneath?
To all females : “Dear.. why making a fool of ourself” ??

At first place the existence of a day like WOMEN DAY surprises me.. why dont we have a INTERNATIONAL MEN DAY ??

I am not here digging women issues suffered by rural, uneducated, poor women.. even a women of upper middle class .. juggling between career to life..suffered by high expections most of the time by no one else but herself.. not sure what she wants from her life.. pushing herself in both male predominent work culture and more often a male defined relationships.. is trapped by a vicious circle of demand and supply chain of expectations from womenhood.

With every gradual years the popularity of women day is increasing/advertising immensely and hence I understand a day like this means a lot to TV and newspapers reporters, jewellery showrooms owners, event organizers, Female activists…

but taking all wrappers out .. what does 8th March 2009 – “International Women Day” means to a WOMAN??

…except a lazy sunday ???


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