Of Caramel.. Crunch and Calmness

How do you feel..
when you are on the end of the world.. the one more step you will take .. you are off for ever.. the end is on top of the rocky earth.. can see starry sky above and space in surrounding.. you always dream to be on top of world.. but never this way .. the air is choking .. so poisonous.. the one more breath you take.. that’s the last breath of yours…. you are all alone.. stars never looked so fearful.. neither the openness was this suffocating..everything is unusually calm as the whole nature is waiting just for you to die.. they are holding their breath .. waiting for you to take the final plunge and then they may resume their work…you are unknown to them but its their gesture to gift you the peace when you are dying.. you know well that rocky earth you are standing.. contains enormous human like creature inside.. but you can’t decide you love to die in this moment of unusual calmness or can afford to live slipping into the earth again..

Restlessness, fear and impatience are the definitions you will always use to characterize her.. not a single day she wouldn’t have questioned her existence.. every one she would have met by now.. at least for once she must have believed that person.. but never herself.. people always scares her.. she can’t judge multidimensional.. human are most complex puzzle for her..to simplify she always create a two dimension frame which she can understand and try fitting every person in that frame.. if fits.. bingo .. else scary ! Calmness is a seasonal treat for her.. the last incident of calmness she reported was when she took a Ferrero Rocher in her mouth.. nuts and crunch were pampering all her teeth.. chocolate melts as if wooing her tongue.. hazel nuts is yet to be cracked… she is already in a trans state


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