Lets get Spoiled !

No matter how weird it may sound but being pampered when you are wrong is a real luxury, a relation can afford.. to think of how many relations you can count who gives you cushion comfort when you are on the wrong side of an argument ?

When you know you deserved to be called right.. getting upper hand in relation is a natural expectation.. but then how rare is the privilege when you did or said something miserable and expect the counterpart to still come to you and sooth you.. they still pamper your ego.. let you spoil.. spoil to the extend of being a dog !

Yeah I am advocating the comfort you need when you are wrong.. for one sole reason.. when you are rational and practical and completely right in a argument the only thing you feel bad is the lack of understanding your counterpart is showing.. but when you are on the other side.. uttering the shit you should never think of.. you suffer from dual hit.. first the negative vibes a argument is bringing with itself and secondly the guilt feeling that surrounds you ..

Dont give me such a perplexed look.. its OK to get spoil and expect someone to spoil you… as long as the instrument of spoiling is pure and platonic love !


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