I want to run away !

Just not able to gather myself and start the long pending assignments in office.. My working hat simply refuse to fit in my head.. Like a school kid I am praying desperately for an obituary or rainy day and get my bicycle and head back home. I want to run away !

The morning was beautiful today. Cold calm waves were pampering me from last night.. even the dirty balcony was looking serene.. I want to get back home and spend the day sitting on the chair next to the balcony. Either start reading a new book or playing with blog templates.. if not anything I’ll simply curdle in the bed thinking of the all the things i’ll do someday when I will retire…

Webcenter and Web2.0 terms are floating above my head.. like a dyslexic child.. I wish I can ran away.. like that kid in the movie.. i’ll also spend the entire day roaming alone in busy streets.. collecting fishes from mud.. paint a brush in local construction site.. get into the city bus without knowing where its heading to..  where no one will ask me about my assignments and I am not liable to abide the deadlines. I find it really disgusting that ‘what I am’ is determined by how much I worked.. I know I am paid for that… still.. I want to run away !

I want to take a sudden break from what I am expected to finish by day end and rather simply rest on an arm chair and fold my hand behind my head and think when was the first time I smell a flower and suddenly the butterfly popped out.. when the first time I saw the sea and start jumping like a crazy ball.. when was that first moment of childhood kiss… when the first time I stole coins from grandpa’s bowl .. all those firsts.. which become lasts forever as price of my growing up !

I will take a break .. with cuppa coffee.. and will think of all those silly moments when I made no stone unturned to prove how foolish I am.. I will remember when I woke up in the evening from a deep sleep and was really confused whether is morning or evening.. I even brushed my teeth and was about to took bath… when I was alone at home and closed the latch tying a rope around and went to market to search my mom…  When I used to keep my mom’s footwear beneath the pillow so that she can never go away from me.. when someone told me that food is swollen quickly if we chew it 64 times.. and I really tried that…when to show my utter mannerism I used to leave my footwear before entering the classroom..

I need myself.. so,  I want to run away !


2 thoughts on “I want to run away !

  1. if i would've written about my corporate blues, i would've written some similar things.in addition to what you've written, i don't understand how people are so bad to each other, and how they get all excited in getting an order of 50 DGs.such triviality and nonsense.it boggles your mind how little they have done with their lives, and i'm headed in the same dreary direction.have really thought about writing something about my office blues, but your blog makes me realize that i'm not alone.really liked it!!

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