That Stranger Bong Kaku

He.. who was no one to me few days back.. he was a distant stranger.. living his own old, slightly tarnished, quite protective, regular family life.
I just met him once for some 10 mins, dont even remember how he looked.. just a faint memory of old, tall , spectacled bong kaku.

He is going to die in few hours from now.. or may be elapsed by the time I finish writing this piece.

Get to know 3 days back that he fall down.. and bleeded from ears and head.. hospitalized by bunch of strangers in the road. Who then searched the last dialed number from his cell phone which luckily was his son’s number. In few moments families gathered in the hospital. I wasn’t that shock with the news.. ok we do fall down on streets.. he is old.. and he bleeded.. still .. by night there’s new addition to the incident.. its ‘Brain Haemorrhage’. I felt bad.. but the feeling was not any intense to reside deep in me.. I hardly know him..

With 1 day passing Doctor asked for operation, with a disclaimer.. if he goes through it survival chances are 7%, else 10%.. family members were asked to take the decision.. it was such a bitter feeling for me.. what kind of options life was giving to those folks..  it was a choice between death sooner or death little later.. life wasn’t any option..

with one more day passing.. I was gradually getting more connected to that stranger old kaku.. it was never a conscious shift for me.. but my unusual self wasn’t allowing me completely detached myself from him.

Post operation the conscious will take 24 – 48 to come. Till then wait and watch.. how life and death dances in duet !

Condition deteriorated..

Final blow came with the verdicts from doctor.. no more chances.. take the ventilator out and let him go in peace..

Now family has again given a choice, either take the ventilator out now and make him eternal or let him struggle for few more days waiting for natural death to embrace him. Again, life wasn’t any option..

Just heard, His ventilators has been taken out..

We all are just waiting !


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