Playing with the Playlist

There are songs.. and then there are some repeat songs. Some to make her sleep, some to wipe her rolling tears, some just a way to divert her want of more tea.

Some happens while I am deep neck into work and she opens the door of the room I confined myself in. Yes.. Yes.. Working from home (let me skip the details of that here). Raises herself into my lap , give a glee look into my laptop and returns back her cheerful face to me. Sparks in her eyes telling me no other way to escape than start playing her playlist :

Me : Kya sunna hai ?
She : Thip Thip (Thats “Chip” from Luk Chip Luk Chip)

The moment the kid in the video hugs his father(Amitabh), She will throw her arms around my neck and an awkward kiss planted on my cheeks.

When the video is about to finish, she will raise the alarm..

Me : ab kya ?
She : tab tab (Thats takbak takbak indicating Lakdi ki kathi)

A smile whole through the 4:02 mins .. nodding her hair from extreme left to midway, pausing a while, then midway to extreme right. Oscillation that will put any pendulum to shame.

Panic button will be pressed again when the video comes to halt.

Next – Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye
Next – Chanda hai tu, mera sooraj hai tu
Next – Machli Jal ki rani hai, Jeewan uska paani hai

I’m thinking of the custom status message to set during this time for Office chat messenger :

“Busy. Me and kid are making memories.”


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