Lessons Learnt

There was a wise man who once said “Everyone gets a second chance to live their life, its when you see your kids growing”.
It took me sometime to understand that.
Now I recall that saying everyday while I see my 18 month old living each day of her life. Making choices, priorities, categories, relationships…

It’s a mutual process where I pick up a bit of outside world and introduce into her childhood.. one word at a time.
She in turn teaches me the beauty of her childhood to make adults life easy.. one simplification at a time.

I taught her to say “Ball” pointing a red color ball.
She then taught me anything that is spherical in shape and red in color is Ball, for example – TOMATO !!

A kid has far less categories than us. Less is More for them. It helps them keeping the things simple.
As they grow, complexity adds on. And then they become complex, they become adults, they become complex adults.

I’m head over heels the way a kid discover their daily dose of adventures.
From an unattended pair of slipper what kind of adventure you can think of ? Ask a kid.. and if you ask my kid she will show you how to wear the left one yourself , make another person wear the right one, hold hands and act like a single human being and take a walk together across the rooms. If that’s not all you take some rest near the fridge and gulp few chocolates.

Everyday I’m being taught how to keep things simple. Here are some of my lessons learnt :

Take nap when feeling sleepy, eat when hungry.
Ask when you need. If you don’t get, ask again. If still you don’t get, then scream.. now whole world will know what you need.
Give kiss when you feel like.
Play when you want.
Give up when you are bored.
Say “bye” in middle of a conversation, just because you wanted to.
Say “hello” to everyone, watchman will be the happiest one. Moon will be the luckiest one.
Say “yes” to mean Yes.

… and now I say Bye in middle of this blog, as I just wanted to 🙂


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