She was a WOMAN

I was staying in a remote village, a beautiful pond by my side. Every full moon day, I saw the moon blushing by its own image looking down at the pond. Coconut trees in surrounding, stood still, like night watchman taking care of the pond.

But this full moon was different. There were high tides. Water rose above the normal level in the pond , engulfing the temporary fence.
Me with bunch of my friends rushed to save the local people, but to our surprise loads and loads of tribal women with kids were jumping straight into pond. Vanishing in no time. Changing the color of Pond from shallow green to pink to red.
Breathing heavily, I barely managed to catch hold of a tribal woman who was rushing by all her force, clutching a four month old baby, tied in her saree.
“Don’t go near” I warned in my fumble voice. Tried stopping her as strongly as I could.
She pushed me , “We waited these many years for this flood, if we drive straight into the pond right now we will meet our God, as the color of Pond will change with more shades of Red, the darker the shade the better the crop we will be having in years to come. Not every women get this chance, I’m lucky enough to bring the change.” She said in a voice much stronger than mine.
I was surprised to see her conviction. No Logic can beat that.

For a moment I didn’t want to validate her theory, but admire..
the strength of her faith, even if it was wrong..
her sacrifice, even if it was useless..
her strength to loose herself for a hope to bring the change.

She was a WOMAN.

I suddenly felt weak, I surrendered. I let her go.

Weird dreams I have these days.


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