From – "Of love and other demons"

Reading Gabriel García Márquez for me is close to hovering over a seven course Italian cuisine. Its exquisite, needs a manner to get through, takes time for one to develop a taste and once developed you crave for more. Quite like you first glass of wine.”One hundred years of solitude” was my Márquez’s first. I couldn’t traverse the whole of “Macondo” at first go. I needed break. I came back and enjoyed it even more. “Ursula” still comes in our conversation when me and him start listing our powerful women characters.

With “Love in the Time of Cholera”, I met Fermina. I often seek for her when I think of my old age. I disagreed with Márquez of his representation of love, but his narratives were compelling enough for me to enjoy a contra view much like we all enjoy our bad habits.

Márquez uses his character like an instrument. His characters symbolizes generation, invoke thoughts, share ideas. His novel has many protagonists, and every protagonists have many dreams. Dream symbolizes the era and history. His colors have meanings. Dreams have narratives. Every present have past.

Few days back I started flipping pages from “Of love and other demons” and surprisingly I enjoyed it even more than “Macondo’s tour or Fermina’s tale. For it having all of Márquez’s essentials and much more. Life’s philosophy been summarized in many one liners and spread across the pages.
This blog is to document and share some of them :

The more transparent the writing, the more visible the poetry.
Dominga de Adviento became a Catholic without renouncing her Yoruban beliefs, and she practiced both religions at the same time, and at random. Her soul was healthy and at peace, she said, because what she did not find in one faith was there in the other.
No Medicine cures what happiness can’t.
The sincerity of his poverty was evident at a first glance.
Ideas do not belong to anyone, he said. With his index finger he sketched a series of continuous circles in the air and concluded, ‘They fly around up there like the angles’.
Sometimes we attribute certain things we do not understand to the Demon, not thinking they may be things of God that we do not understand.
Sex is a talent, and I do not have it.
Disbelief is more resistant than faith because it is sustained by the senses.
Do not allow me to forget you.
One never quite stops believing, some doubt remains forever.
The human body is not made to endure all the years that one may live.
Lying was an attribute of the arts.
Age was the least pernicious of the differences.
God is great, even the animals feel it.
The Enemy makes better use of our intelligence than our errors.

and finally….

It is love, the most terrible demon of all.

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