In conversation with a toddler

An evening in park is a treasure of random experiences.

Kids fluttering in joyous mood, swinging, sliding, giving you smile for no reasons. You smile a lot to strangers.

I accompanied my toddler in one such evenings. She looked around and carefully selected a boy of 6-8yrs old sitting alone in a bench, bouncing his football.
She placed herself in the bench next to him, and with her hand gesture asked me to sat beside. I obediently followed.

She then smiled at him, he returned the smile with a grin.

“दादू … बस गया” She said, looking at him. A genuine effort to start the conversation.
He returned a whats-that look to me. I smiled reassuringly. Asking her to continue and him to ignore.

“दीदी… बस गया” was her next punch. He was little more ready this time to take the sentence making no sense to him.

She had exhausted all her sentences by now. Those were the two lines she picked up when our guest left two days back in a bus.

While seaching for a way to continue the conversation, she made the sudden gesture of pointing the sky and screamed MOOOOOONNN
He suddenly stopped bouncing his ball to recover from this conversation streak, waited for a minuted, breathed deeply before he started bouncing his ball again.

Suddenly she remembered two more words.. pointing him and screaming.. KNEEE … SHOULLDDER..

It was rolling on the floor moment for me.

I hold onto my laugh while gathering his zapped look. It was quite a difficult conversation for him to connect these dots and making a sense out of half sentences and random words. He was nice enough to smile as an when he can, but I am sure it would have taken some time for him to recover back.

Things have inproved since then.. today while looking at her photo I clicked, she complemented saying.. “अल्ले  बाह … फोतो आअछा है “.

Before the sentences become more complete, words more polished and meanings more straight .. I’m gathering all these spontaneous communications build using random words. Its a joy ride.


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