Story repeats via photo

I love those photographs, which captures moments.
Its when the camera witnesses the unfolding of a moment as a third person.

When camera freezes the moment, watching it from a distance and subject not acknowledging the presence of camera, you ought to think of the story in the background. Intriguing it is.

May be that is why I like this photo.

 I know they embark this journey in search of a muti-color ball. What happened later, I can only imagine.

Father is just a step behind. Letting her decide the direction she wishes to. Not holding her hand. Setting her free.
Together but not dependent.

I wish someone clicked the photo when my father was teaching me how to ride a bicycle.
When I learned how to paddle, but was struggling to get the balance, my father used to run by my side. Not holding my cycle, but placing him in my close proximity, so that he can lend his hand in my fall.
He let me took the turns , the ascends and descends. Even today.

Some stories repeat themselves and some photographs affirms that.


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