Between me and her

To keep a kid engage, you need to know her weakness.
To keep a kid happy, you need to share her weakness.

It’s easier for me, as many of my weaknesses resembles hers or her resembles mine. Whichever way it makes more sense.

Give us some color pencils, gift warps, glue, and freedom to spoil a wall.. we are a happy bunch.

We have made phisshh that have eyes as big as mine.

We have made peacock.. which she can only pronounce pocckket

We have made buffefly family.. papa buffefly, mam buffefly and baby buffefly

I often encash her this weakness and we spend quite some time amidst scribbling, coloring, gluing and exchanging fake creative looks in between.
I give everyone a feel of keeping her engage, while actually stealing time for doing something which otherwise would have been bracketed amateurish.

I have a feel, she will caught me in few years from now. I have a fear, she may grow to do all by herself, someday.

For now, I pretend to keep her busy. Someday she will pretend to keep me busy. Life will be lived again, amidst scribbles, colors, papers, glue…


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