Bump, Baby and Butter


Oh no Sheeet ” .. She screamed suddenly, popping her head out from her sea of toys.

Holding my breath, consoling myself of no big injuries, I looked at her.. asking “What happened ?”

Smilingly she said “Papa…(After a pregnant pause) aishe bolte hai

This is how probably modern age kids, miss their fathers.


Me : Pig ke baby ko kya kehte hai ?
She : Piglet
Me : Cow ? She : Calf
Me : Mam ka baby ? She : Nonu (her nick name)
Me : Nani ka baby ? She : Nanu
Me : Aur Papa ka baby ? She (After thinking a lot) : Shooma uncle


She has a butter connection since birth.  On her days of single digit month age, she used to point at it. Later started demanding. Now, she steals.

That day, after a huge session of Jam, butter and bread.. I forgot to kept the butter back in fridge.

After some time, I found her face immersed in butter. On asking for an explanation, she pointed me to the house-help, lying “Kaki bola… bettal khao.. jaldi jaldi khao“.


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