Kolkata – from my rose tinted glasses

Every city has its nuances. SealLinks and Metros somewhere, while potholes and extreme weathers otherwise. What we observe about a city is cumulative effect how the city treated you and how much effort you put to create that relationship with that city.

Here is few Kol syndrome from my rose tinted glasses :

  • You will rarely find a wall which is not painted with advertisement or political party’s vote appeal. Three petal flowers or Kasta-Haturi ruling almost all the walls.
  • West Bengal is state-of-lakes. Pukur is what it is being referred to.

  • Open high drains is prominent symptom of lack of infrastructure upliftment.
  • People carry temperament on the sleeves. Some wrap it as handkerchief below their shirt’s collar.
  • Religious city Kolkata is. Every few hundred meters you will find a God or Goddess gracing the street. Every month there will be some Pujo to validate their presence further.

  • No matter who was on power in WB politics, its the poverty that ruled. 
  •  Public transport is in abundance, and people have a tendency to use them over own vehicle. Locals, metros, tram, taxy, Auto Rikshaws etc. Wish other states takes a lesson here.
  • Food has variety. 6-7 varieties of egg(Chicken, Swan, King Swan, Tortoise and their sub categories) , fishes of several varieties, sweets in affordable prices and veggies for the required green. Even Lemon has types (Pati Lebu, Kagaji Lebu, Gandharaj Lebu)
  • Wallmart will need quite some effort to venture into retail, for the local veggie vendors offer variety, freshness and bargain. Bigger and better than what I had seen in many cities.
  • For every global brand there is equally competitive local brand.  
  • Durga Pujo : Annual event to display collective creativity. No festival decoration can beat that. 


  • Ambassador  still runs.
  • Adda still happens.
  • Club house still host tasher adda , kobita abriti, sanskritik anushthan and wailing the time of youth plotting revolutions and doing nothing.

With all its flaws and glory, Kolkata is a city for me where life makes sense. If you have been remotely connected to this city, will love to hear your views, overviews and contra-views.


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