Passing on the Legacy : The Nose chapter

She had a short, almost flat nose.

Family joke goes as, it is because she always buried her face into some or the other books. Nose pressed again pages. Another deduction for her flat nose was, it always buried under her big glasses.With every passing year, the thickness of her glasses kept increasing, causing more flattening of her nose. She was the poster girl of thick rimmed, red, rectangular glasses.
Even her old friend added to her nose saga, saying she should never wear a nathni, people will be curious to find the hole between her two eyes.
Her father often defended her, “It is her big kohled eyes that makes her nose look relatively small, otherwise it is pretty much of perfect size.”. Nose was the first feature people recognized in her face, for the awkwardness it carried.

She, the tiny nose bearer, always smiled warmly to cover up for her nose. Years went off, her tiny nose kept carrying her broken self pride. Nose being always out of sight body part, helped her looking for better things about her.

She met a guy, who adored her eyes and smile. Kept the nose,out of the converstation, safely and puposely.
They got married, and hence many noses kept poking in, that helped her further to forget about her own tiny nose.

Akwardness comes in life, while connecting dots from past. For a purpose, she felt.
The first time she felt so, when she gave birth to an adorable daughter. Milky skin and silky hair. Tiny arms soft as cotton. Big eyes and perfect cheeck lines. Nice red lips and a tiny nose.


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