Coversing – The LunchBox

He : It was good. Quite good.
She : Hmm
He : Really good

She : Didn’t get one thing. Was Nawazuddin’s Character really needed ? How different the story would have been had he not been introduced? The story would have been really short with that miss of subplot. But, what else?

He : Shaikh was the disturbance that was needed to show how Mr. Fernandez lives in his own world throughout. That disturbance of Shaikh and Deshpande aunti abrupt Saajan’s and Ila’s life. There is an awkwardness in their character. They halt the story and so thus the lead character’s life. Saajan and Ila come out of the cocoon to address that disturbance and go back to their own world, woven around their loneliness. Disturbance is always needed, very much.

She : Hmm.
He : Hmmmm..
{He started humming a tune for which she couldn’t comprehend the lyrics. It was a momentary disturbance as she was recollecting memories of her last trip to Bhutan}


She : By the way, I loved the scene when Lillete Dubey says “Ab bhookh lag rahi hai..” Quite so happens after a pralay.
He : What pralay?
She : When we are going through a crisis period. We focus only on the situation at hand. We could never able to sense our own feelings. We get numb. When it all happened and the storm passed by, we realize our basic feelings. Hunger, thirst, sleep.

He : Hmmmm…

She : Wasn’t Lillete Dubey little glamorous for that role ?
He  : Nimrat was outstanding.
She : Who will say Irfaan is not christian? Or not an old man?
He : Had seen Irfaan playing such roles. Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Star best settler projected him similarly.
She : Don’t remember.
He : Hmm
She : Ila’s mother state prompted her to go to Saajan and Saajan seeing oldman’s wrinkled hand realized .. he is not that old to accept life’s offerings. Ila tried suicide before. And all these scenes are scripted so subtly.
He : They treated the audience with much intelligence.
She : hmm
He : <Yaws>
She : <Thinks of the last scene from A separation.>


4 thoughts on “Coversing – The LunchBox

  1. This is what we in communication field call as a good example of uses and gratification theory. In this theory it is not the media message but how audience interprets it that functions as core to theory. Enjoyed it. Sharing with my class next week.

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